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Residence in Mangaratiba

The beach house is located inside a gated community in the Mangaratiba region, on the southern coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The project is divided into three volumes, arranged around a central courtyard. Two smaller volumes accommodate the social living quarters and are united by a longitudinal block; the upper floor houses the bedrooms and the ground floor the service areas and gallery. The social areas of the house are characterized by transparency. Extensive glass panels slide out, allowing the area to completely open up and fully integrate the interior with the exterior. Covered by canvas awnings on a light metal structure, the verandas serve as a transition between the house and the garden. The space that connects the two extremities of the house consists of two overlapping circulations that are visually connected through an open space covered by a large pergola-type skylight. Abundant natural light in this transitional space allows the lower floor to be paved with stone slabs and grass, bringing the garden into the home. A grass-covered stairway connects the two levels. On the upper floor, Venetian panels slide freely among the metal beams that frame the space, opening the rooms onto the gardens above the living rooms. The natural light in the open gallery can be controlled by a large brise-soleil panel.


Location Condomínio Portobello – RJ

Land area 2.200m²

Constructed area 550m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Co-authors Joyce Camillo / Carlota Sampaio

Year of design / construction 2004 / 2006