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Indio da Costa A.U.D.T

INDIO DA COSTA A.U.D.T is a 40-year Brazilian based consultancy firm that develops high impact projects for Architecture, Urban Planning, Industrial Design and Transportation. A multidisciplinar strategic-creative group of Architects, Urban planners and Designers, supported by a variety of specialists. Innovation is the driving force in every project development. A methodology that combines different techniques such as ethnographic research, creative workshops and consumer groups, gathering marketing, R&D and commercial departments to participate throughout the process, generates truly creative solutions that are made to match consumer’s desires and needs. A commitment with its clients to the commercial success of the projects.

  • + 40 Years since beginning of actives
  • + 20 Years of A.U.D.T integrated solutions
  • + 200 Residential and large scale architectural projects executed
  • + 100 Industrial Design patents and registrations granted to clients
  • + 40 Countries with products for sale
  • + 50 National and international notorious awards
Indio da Costa

Graduated as an architect in the 60s, perfected in urban planning in France, set up a studio in Botafogo. The project gradually transformed into a corporate structure, the Indio da Costa AUDT [Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Transportation], where commands until todas, along with his son, Guto Indio da Costa, dozens of professionals.

Indio da Costa has been architect of the City Council of Rio de Janeiro, worked in the Department of Parks and Gardens of the city, the Municipal Urban Planning Department and signed many large projects, numerous residences and public buildings.

Through his trajectory, he has received several national and international awards, highlighting the latest and most important, given by the IAB and the ASBEA:

Oscar Niemeyer Commendation granted by the IAB Supreme Council in the XVIII Brazilian Congress of Architects, "for his exemplary contribution to the best architecture production in Brazil" in 2006.

Roberto Cláudio dos Santos Aflalo Award - ASBEA Nacional 2010 – For lifetime achievement.

Sergio Bernardes Award – ASBEA RJ 2014 – For lifetime achievement.

Guto Indio da Costa

Born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated in Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design. Today he coordinates the design and transportation nucleus of Indio da Costa A.U.D.T (Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Transportation), responsible for dozens of projects, many of which achieve great success and received several international awards.

Member of Advisory Board of Design of the State of Rio de Janeiro since 2006, he was director and vice-president of Abedesign, co-founder of the Brazilian Center of Industrial Design (CBDI), promoter of several exhibitions and design events. He was also member of the jury of many national and international awards, including L'Observeur du Design (France), D&AD (England), Red Dot (Germany) and the Compasso D’Oro (Italy) and is a collaborator of Arc Design Magazine where he writes articles to regularly.

  • Rafaela Macedo
    Brand Experience Core
  • Paula Fiúza
    Industrial Design Core
  • Carlota Sampaio
    Architecture & Urban Planning Core
  • Maria Izabel Montenegro
    Financial Core
  • Erika Blaselbauer
    Wholesale Indio da Costa Design