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Angra Residence

To make the house blend into the hillside, we created gardens on various overlapping levels: the lower floors are covered over with gardens and the upper floors have grass-covered verandas. Steel cable pergolas extend the gardens, creating pleasant arbors that protect the facades. The verandas form a transition between the interior and exterior of the house. The architecture used the landscaping as an integral element, merging and blending them to create a single result. The house has a central entry with a staircase as well as an elevator to provide access for people with disabilities, seniors, etc. The stairway divides the house into two wings. As we descend the staircase, the house and landscape come into full view and we see the construction extending all the way to the ocean.


Location Condomínio Porto Virada do Leste – Angra dos Reis

Land area 1.900m²

Constructed area 950m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Co-author Carlota Sampaio / Claudia Amorim

Year of design / construction 2002 / 2004