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Leblon Residence

The unique features of this project are its simplicity, minimalism, unity, purity of forms and the lightness of the concrete eaves. The design also breaks down the barriers between interior and exterior, creating generous spaces. The challenge was to take the design of large open spaces and overhangs to the extreme limit, while preserving the lightness of the construction. Defying physics, the extended and exposed white concrete of the extremely slender marquees and roofs seems to float. There is absolutely nothing conventional about this two-story house; the lower level is devoted to the owners’ work and houses an office and painting/sculpture studio, whereas the second floor is exclusively residential. The social areas of the house, which include a living room, home theater, dining room and a totally integrated veranda meld together with the garden. Large sliding doors transform the social quarters into an enormous veranda with an 8 meter overhang, defying barriers and exceeding limits, creating a fully integrated open space.


Location Jardim Pernambuco, Leblon – RJ

Land area 3.900m²

Constructed area 2.300m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Co-author Carlota Sampaio / Roberta Leite

Year of design / construction 2004 / 2006