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Jardim Botânico Residence

The initial idea began with the premise to create an architectural work that would not only be rational but also organic and poetic. The principles that guided this project were:

  • Rationalism and structural lightness by using welded steel sections with appropriate modulation and daring compositions;
  • Conceptual simplicity and detailing resulting in clean, orthogonal and clearly defined spaces;
  • Versatility – a sliding electric awning on the roof of the house allows the open-air deck, a natural extension of the living quarters – a lookout over the Lagoa – to be covered in case of heavy rain or strong sunshine.

Location Jardim Botânico – RJ

Land area 640m²

Constructed area 320m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Co-author Carlota Sampaio / Claudia Amorim

Year of design / construction 2001 / 2002