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P&G . Gillette . 2008

The project developed for Gillette was to design a display for every type of shaving appliance, including P&G and those of the competition. The big challenge was how to organize an enormous amount of products and information with little differentiation. The environment was chaotic with little breathing room and very challenging communication.


In addition to highlighting the characteristics and overall functioning of each product, the highly educational display also communicates with the male target audience by using very specific language targeted to its users, whose products are also purchased by women.


The organization features two clear divisions: the most sophisticated products are located on the left, and the most simple on the right. Several elements help the buyer compare the benefits of one product to those of another. The vertical division displays rechargeable devices above the disposable ones. There is also a specific area for new releases and the “best in its class”, with pre-and post-shaving steps laid out accordingly.


The project’s mission was to create the first exclusive male beauty area in Brazil’s large supermarkets. The unique visual display generated a huge increase in sales, as the added value of the project encouraged single purchasing experiences that could then transform the casual consumer or non-consumer into a loyal Gillette brand consumer.