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MIS – Museum of Image and Sound

The architecture of the Museum of Image and Sound is inspired by the scenery of Copacabana beach, its shore, the line of buildings that hug the waterfront, its mountains and distinct pavement designed by Roberto Burle Marx, which captures the essence of the beach – a public space in motion – on foot, by bicycle or by car.


The project was developed as an extension of the beachside avenue, reaching vertically into the interior of the Museum. This “Vertical Avenue” suggests a conceptual inclusion: indoor and outdoor spaces intersect and create side branches for galleries, educational programs and public areas for leisure and fun. The Museum inherited the DNA of Burle Marx, but radically redirects its focus upward, with a more robust museum facade.


The sequence of vertical circulation connects the sidewalk to the museum’s leisure areas. From the lobby to the patio café; to the cinema and the underground nightclub; to the restaurant; to the outdoor cinema and rooftop bar. The project also serves as an instrument through which we can see the city in a new way.


Visible to tourists in Copacabana´s hotels and restaurants, the panoramic view is both a paradox and a restriction for many residents of the city, and perhaps this is the main image in question. Through various framing strategies, the Museum offers visitors of the sequence of galleries this unique vision.


Authors Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Development Indio da Costa A.U.D.T