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Sesc Madureira

This project was designed for a contest, in 1973, upon the invitation of the Serviço Social do Comércio. Created in partnership with Argentine architect Eduardo Paez and German architect Hans Butter, the project features a central multi-purpose space that connects the various activity areas, creating an environment in which everyone can participate in everything at the same time. The open corridors and naturally illuminated, ventilated walkways create plenty of opportunities for leisure and social interaction.


Location Madureira – RJ

Land area 10.000,00m²

Constructed area 16.000,00m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Associates Eduardo Paez e Hans Butter

Contributors Sílvio Sanson, Edgardo Sasso, Walter Zollinger, Ary Domingos e Elza Costeira.

Year of the project 1973

Construction 1975 / 1980