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P&G . Pantene . 2009

The Pantene project required the design of a specific display with a unique atmosphere for Pantene brand products.


The greatest challenge of this project was the packaging; there is little difference in product sizes, shapes and color variations, which makes it hard for consumers to visualize and recognize the product at the point of sale. As there are several models for different hair types, the purpose of the project was to make the product easy to find and help the consumer clearly understand the differences between each product.


The solution was to create a navy blue display with golden details that contrast with the product packaging and design a gold-colored display case for the conditioning creams, which lends the display a more sophisticated ambiance. Organized in sectors, the products provide more information to assist the consumer in making the right choice.


As a result, we have created a dynamic family of modular displays, with combinations that can easily be adapted to different types of stores and gondola sizes.