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MIZUNO . 2013

The Mizuno project involved creating a new identity for the brand to increase recognition at the retailer.


New tools were developed to assist the consumer to best choosing the most appropriate running shoe for his feet, body type, type of running and running style (gait). One of these tools is the ‘foot print reader’: a device that reads the foot to identify each one running style  and thus assist the choice of the right product.


This project required working with different available spaces, from specialized running stores to multi-brand stores, such as Centauro and Miami Store, which tested the flexibility and adaptability of the project. We identified the need to create an element that could be integrated into all of these environments. We chose to highlight the blue color of the brand to contrast with the concrete and give the place a more contemporary atmosphere.


In the Mundo Corrida (Running World) store, we applied several large lanes to the floor to create an illusion of speed and display the running shoes more effectively: separated by style, with information about the different running styles and general characteristics of each type of shoe.