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Marina da Glória

In August 2010 we were chosen, through an international competition, to design a revitalization project for the Marina da Glória. The project has received a preliminary approval from IPHAN and features some assumptions that make it fit both in the urban setting as well as in the natural landscape. The project emphasizes the public nature of the Marina and an increase in nautical activities, allowing free public access to all areas of the project. The design adopts an organic and coherent solution that matches the curves of the park, allowing the construction to blend in with its environment, while respecting and preserving the original design of the park. The landscape project was designed by Haru Ono, who created several new landscapes, in a total of 50,000 m² of open areas.


Location Marina da Glória, Glória, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Land area 105.890,00m²

Constructed area 26.000,00m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Contributors Carlota Sampaio, Maria Teresa Mesquita, João Maró, Leonardo Lopes, Petar Vrcibradic, Rodrigo Carneiro, Roberta Leite, Iris Parada, Rafael Távora, Adriano Carneiro de Mendonça, Isabela Arraes, Amanda Landeiro, Aline Zorzo

Interns Leticia Burkardt, Natália Gonzalez, Fernando Cunha, Vitor Halfen

Year of design / construction 2010 / not executed