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P&G . Koleston . 2009

This goal of the project was to create a premium display for Koleston to help consumers choose the right type of coloring for their hair type. The display aims to minimize the uncertainty of making the right choice and take away consumers’ concerns.



The display introduces a “zigzag” movement to the point of sale, which traditionally tends to be a confusing corridor with a lot of information. The zigzag effect creates an interesting area that separates the products by coloring type. Another unique feature of the display is the use of LCD screens with barcode readers in the mirrors that allow the consumer to see and test locks of colors that are projected as bangs on the mirrors.



Samples of hair locks have also been incorporated into the packaging so that the consumer can make a more realistic color comparison. The end result created simple solutions that offer consumers two different ways of viewing the variety of Koleston hair colors.