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Itajaí Residence I Alternative studies for the same house

This residence, in which the structure, almost in its totality, is made of apparent concrete, bends boldly over the landscape.

Pure and minimalist, the house reverses the conventional solution, with access by the room’s level, while the living room, the services and the leisure area are developed in the upper floor that extends in a garden terrace, from where the sea glimpses.

In accordance with the necessary services and technical installations, a lower floor was created solely for this purpose and independent access.

Perspectives: Archigraph


Location Itajaí - SC

Land area 1.400 m²

Constructed area 1.000 m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Co-author Carlota Sampaio, Leonardo Lopes, Roberta Leite, Rodrigo Carneiro, João Pedro Boechat, João Pedro de Alencar, Antonio Mauricio

Year of design / construction 2017 - under construction