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Itaipava Residence

This residence, in advanced construction process is conceived in two floors.

The lower floor fits on the sloping ground and houses the intimate part of the residence, complemented by sports and leisure spaces (gym, sauna, etc.) and an office with independent access.

The social part and services arranged in a transverse rectangular volume on the upper floor, cantilevers over the landscape.

At the same time, this upper volume integrates with the entire leisure area on the lower floor and the natural terrain.

Perspectives: Archigraph


Location Itaipava - RJ

Land area 6.500 m²

Constructed area 1.100 m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Co-author Carlota Sampaio, Leonardo Lopes, Roberta Leite, Rodrigo Carneiro, João Pedro Boechat, João Pedro de Alencar, Antonio Mauricio

Year of design / construction 2017 / under construction