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Created in 1961, the INPM (today known as INMETRO) has become one of the most important government institutions for industrial development, commercial trade and the export of manufactured goods. The design was mainly dictated by the topography of the area, requiring engineering solutions to address infrastructure problems and scientific/technical and administrative issues that determined the program and the constructive requirements. The original idea of embankments provided a unique solution to protect the laboratories: a type of solution that is usually only applied to underground constructions that are more labor-intensive and more expensive, both to operate and maintain.


Location Rodovia Washington Luiz km 25-Duque de Caxias-RJ

Land area 300.000m²

Constructed area 41.000m²

Author of the project Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Contributors Ary Celso France, João Geraldo Boltshauser, José Luciano Fernandes, Silvio Joaquim Sanson, Tereza Megale Fracischini