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The Indio da Costa ICZERO1 chair was born out of a contemporary reflection. In recent years, bars, pubs, restaurants and even houses have been invaded by low-cost, low-quality plastic furniture of questionable design. This type of product has become almost disposable, with very little durability. Because it’s so cheap, people rather buy a new one, thus contributing to a waste of resources and an increase in non bio-degradable waste in the environment.


The ICZERO1 chair is a reinterpretation of the traditional plastic bar chair. However, this is a highly resistant, durable and sturdy product. Its form is almost minimalist, ageless, seeking a timelessness that is required for an item that should last for years in residential and commercial environments.


The single piece is made of highly resistant polypropylene, reinforced with fiberglass and ultra-violet protection. It is produced from a single thermo plastic injection mould.


The chair is one of the most beloved design themes. That is why countless designs, forms, materials and compositions have been tested in creating chairs through the ages.


However, the main challenge in designing the ICZERO1 chair was to create a chair with a unique identity, while paying close attention to every detail (geometry, harmony and consistency), producing the best possible result that the mixture of reinforced plastic permits.