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Expo Sevilha 92

This project is the furthest from a monolithic, static architecture; instead, the construction is more like a process, almost a set décor. The most interesting aspect about this project is that it grew from a significantly pragmatic aspect: Brazil’s desire to create a pavilion for the World Expo in Seville, Spain – between April and September 1992 – that could easily be disassembled. Composed of five floors, the pavilion was almost like a skeleton, a stripped down exhibit booth. Inside, the structure features theatres, special sound corridors, exhibits, and spherical elevators to transport visitors between floors and enhance the technological image of the construction.


Location Sevilha – Espanha

Total land area 2.800 m²

Constructed area 6.200 m²

Project author Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa

Co-authors Eduardo Pierri, Luiz Augusto Indio da Costa, Luiz Felipe Mauad, Marcelo Costa, Maria Amelia Correa, Paulo Fernando Lontra, Rodrigo Carneiro e Sonia Pirá.

Year of design / construction 1990 / Not constructed